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@zabawaba99 zabawaba99 released this Feb 20, 2016

Release Highlights

  • better parsing of quoted arguments
  • Add init command for a sample .snag.yml
  • Add run section for parallel commands
  • Deprecate script section in favor of build
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@zabawaba99 zabawaba99 released this Oct 26, 2015

Release Highlights

  • We're now compiled and running with go1.5
  • You can run snag without a .snag.yml using the new -c command!
  • Need to use some shell environment variables in your snag commands? No problem! Access them using $$MY_VAR
  • The ignore section of the .snag.yml now uses gitignore rules for pattern matching
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@zabawaba99 zabawaba99 released this Aug 6, 2015

This marks Snag's first official release. We will follow semantic versioning as close as possible. Enjoy!

Feedback and comments are appreciated!

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