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A sample project to test sqlite with FTS
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What is FTS?

FTS stands for 'Full Text Search', it is a hot area in CS. See Wikipedia for more information.

SQLite and FTS?

Yes, SQLite originally support FTS, and released FTS with FTS 1.0, FTS 2.0, FTS 3.0 and FTS 4.0. Basically, FTS 4.0 is as same as 3.0. The only difference between these two versions is performance.

Does SQLite on iOS support FTS?

NO, the SQLite library shipped by Apple does not compiled with FTS enabled.

Can I use SQLite+FTS on iOS app?

Yes, that's why I created this project.

What's the purpose of this project.

This project is built to show you how to link to sqliteFTS project, which is also created by me to use SQLite with FTS, and how to use FTS with iOS technologies.

Data Source

To demonstrate how fast SQLite + FTS could be, I downloaded a open source Japanese/English dictionary from Professor Jim Breen's long run EDict project. Many thanks to Prof. Jim.


This app is under Apache 2.0 License. You can use it for open source/commercial project.

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