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vDiagram 2.0 based off Alan Renouf's vDiagram
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vDiagram 2.0 based off Alan Renouf's vDiagram


vDiagram Visio Drawing Tool


Powershell script that will capture and draw in Visio a VMware Infrastructure.


1. PowerShell - Download Windows Management Framework 5.1 available here and install.
2. PowerCLI Modules - To install PowerCLI Modules, open Powershell (installed in step above) and run the following command "Install-Module -Name VMware.PowerCLI –Scope CurrentUser"
3. Visio - Microsoft Visio must be installed in order for the draw feature to work.


1. From within Windows, click on the start button.
2. Type Powershell and right click on the search results and select "Run as administrator".
3. At the Powershell command prompt navigate to the the directory where you have unzipped the vDiagram files. Example: "cd c:\Users\<your user name>\Downloads\vDiagram_2.0.X"
4. Type the name of the Powershell script. Example: "vDiagram_2.0.X.ps1"
5. Follow directions listed below in "Usage Notes".


File Name	: vDiagram_2.0.8.ps1
Author		: Tony Gonzalez
Author		: Jason Hopkins
Based on	: vDiagram by Alan Renouf
Version		: 2.0.8


1. Ensure to unblock file before unzipping within file properties
2. Ensure to run as administrator
3. Required Files:
        PowerCLI or PowerShell 5.0 with PowerCLI Modules installed
        Active connection to vCenter to capture data
        MS Visio
Prerequisites Tab:
1. Verify that prerequisites are met on the "Prerequisites" tab.
2. If not please install needed requirements.

vCenter Info Tab:
1. Click on "vCenter Info" tab.
2. Enter name of vCenter.
3. Enter User Name and Password (password will be hashed and not plain text).
4. Click on "Connect to vCenter" button.

Capture CSVs for Visio Tab:
1. Click on "Capture CSVs for Visio" tab.
2. Click on "Select Output Folder" button and select folder where you would like to output the CSVs to.
3. Select items you wish to grab data on.
4. Click on "Collect CSV Data" button.

Draw Visio Tab:
1. Click on "Select Input Folder" button and select location where CSVs can be found.
2. Click on "Check for CSVs" button to validate presence of required files.
3. Click on "Select Output Folder" button and select where location where you would like to save the Visio drawing.
4. Select drawing that you would like to produce.
5. Click on "Draw Visio" button.
6. Click on "Open Visio Drawing" button once "Draw Visio" button says it has completed.


- 07/12/2019 - v2.0.8
	Typo found out capture output.
	Added CpuHotRemoveEnabled, CpuHotAddEnabled & MemoryHotAddEnabled to VM & Template outputs.
	Added additional properties to VMHost object.

- 04/15/2019 - v2.0.7
	New drawing added for Linked vCenters.
- 04/06/2019 - v2.0.6
	New drawing added for VMs with snapshots.

- 10/22/2018 - v2.0.5
	Dupliacte Resource Pools for same cluster were being drawn in Visio.
- 10/22/2018 - v2.0.4
	Slight changes post presenting at Orlando VMUG UserCon
	Removed target vCenter box
	Cleaned up global variables for CSVs & vCenter
	File saves as .vsd then converts to .vsdx and deletes .vsd
	File save now in .vsdx vs .vsd as it saves as a smaller file
	Changed date format of Visio file from yyyy_MM_dd-HH_mm to yyyy-MM-dd_HH-mm
- 10/17/2018 - v2.0.3
	Fixed IP and MAC address capture on VMHost and VMs, not listing all IPs and MACs

- 10/02/2018 - v2.0.2
	Added Open CSV Folder Button to Capture Tab
	Once Open CSV Folder or OPen Visio Button is clicked form now resets
	Separated sections into regions for ease of modification later

- 04/12/2018 - v2.0.1
	Added MAC Addresses to VMs & Templates
	Added a check to see if prior CSVs are still present
	Added option to copy prior CSVs to new folder
	Consolidate the object placement into functions for ease of management

- 04/11/2018 - v2.0.0
	Presented as a Community Theater Session at South Florida VMUG
	Feature enhancement requests collected
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