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%@doc Write, find, and command operations
-module (mongo_query).
-export_type ([write/0, 'query'/0, command/0]).
-export_type ([getlasterror_request/0, getlasterror_reply/0]).
-export_type ([not_master/0, unauthorized/0]).
-export ([write/3, write/2, find_one/2, find/2, command/3]).
-include ("mongo_protocol.hrl").
% QIO means does IO and may throw mongo_connect:failure(), not_master(), unauthorized().
-type not_master() :: not_master.
% Thrown when attempting to query a slave when the query requires master (slaveok = false).
-type unauthorized() :: unauthorized.
% Thrown when attempting to query a db that requires auth but authentication has not been performed yet.
-type write() :: #insert{} | #update{} | #delete{}.
-type getlasterror_request() :: bson:document().
% Parameters to getlasterror request. See
-type getlasterror_reply() :: bson:document().
% Reply to getlasterror request. See
-spec write (mongo_connect:dbconnection(), write(), getlasterror_request()) -> getlasterror_reply(). % QIO
%@doc Send write and getlasterror request to mongodb over connection and wait for and return getlasterror reply. Bad getlasterror params are ignored.
% Caller is responsible for checking for error in reply; if 'err' field is null then success, otherwise it holds error message string.
write (DbConn, Write, GetlasterrorParams) ->
Query = #'query' {batchsize = -1, collection = '$cmd',
selector = bson:append ({getlasterror, 1}, GetlasterrorParams)},
Reply = mongo_connect:call (DbConn, [Write], Query),
{0, [Doc | _]} = query_reply (Reply),
-spec write (mongo_connect:dbconnection(), write()) -> ok. % IO
%@doc Send write to mongodb over connection asynchronously. Does not wait for reply hence may silently fail. Doesn't even throw connection failure if connection is closed.
write (DbConn, Write) ->
mongo_connect:send (DbConn, [Write]).
-type command() :: bson:document().
-spec command (mongo_connect:dbconnection(), command(), boolean()) -> bson:document(). % QIO
%@doc Send command to mongodb over connection and wait for reply and return it. Boolean arg indicates slave-ok or not. 'bad_command' error if bad command.
command (DbConn, Command, SlaveOk) ->
Query = #'query' {collection = '$cmd', selector = Command, slaveok = SlaveOk},
{Doc} = find_one (DbConn, Query),
Ok = bson:at (ok, Doc),
if Ok == true orelse Ok == 1 -> Doc; true -> erlang:error ({bad_command, Doc}) end. % bad_command parsed by mongo:auth
-type 'query'() :: #'query'{}.
-type maybe(A) :: {A} | {}.
-spec find_one (mongo_connect:dbconnection(), 'query'()) -> maybe (bson:document()). % QIO
%@doc Send read request to mongodb over connection and wait for reply. Return first result or nothing if empty.
find_one (DbConn, Query) ->
Query1 = Query #'query' {batchsize = -1},
Reply = mongo_connect:call (DbConn, [], Query1),
{0, Docs} = query_reply (Reply), % batchsize negative so cursor should be closed (0)
case Docs of [] -> {}; [Doc | _] -> {Doc} end.
-spec find (mongo_connect:dbconnection(), 'query'()) -> mongo_cursor:cursor(). % QIO
%@doc Send read request to mongodb over connection and wait for reply of first batch. Return a cursor holding this batch and able to fetch next batch on demand.
find (DbConn, Query) ->
Reply = mongo_connect:call (DbConn, [], Query),
mongo_cursor:cursor (DbConn, Query #'query'.collection, Query #'query'.batchsize, query_reply (Reply)).
-spec query_reply (mongo_protocol:reply()) -> {cursorid(), [bson:document()]}. % QIO
%@doc Extract cursorid and results from reply. 'bad_query' error if query error.
query_reply (#reply {
cursornotfound = false, queryerror = QueryError, awaitcapable = _,
cursorid = Cid, startingfrom = _, documents = Docs }) ->
case QueryError of
false -> {Cid, Docs};
true -> case bson:at (code, hd (Docs)) of
13435 -> throw (not_master);
10057 -> throw (unauthorized);
_ -> erlang:error ({bad_query, hd (Docs)}) end end.
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