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%@doc Init some internal global variables used by mongodb app
-module (mongodb_app).
-behaviour (application).
-export ([start/2, stop/1]).
-behaviour (supervisor).
-export ([init/1]).
-export ([gen_objectid/0, next_requestid/0]). % API
%% Behaviour callbacks
start (_, []) -> supervisor:start_link ({local, ?MODULE}, ?MODULE, []).
stop (_) -> ok.
%% Supervisor callbacks
%@doc Create global vars which will be owned by this supervisor (and die with it)
init ([]) ->
ets:new (?MODULE, [named_table, public]),
ets:insert (?MODULE, [
{oid_counter, 0},
{oid_machineprocid, oid_machineprocid()},
{requestid_counter, 0} ]),
{ok, {{one_for_one,3,10}, []}}.
%% API functions
-spec next_requestid () -> mongo_protocol:requestid(). % IO
%@doc Fresh request id
next_requestid() -> ets:update_counter (?MODULE, requestid_counter, 1).
-spec gen_objectid () -> bson:objectid(). % IO
%@doc Fresh object id
gen_objectid() ->
Now = bson:unixtime_to_secs (bson:timenow()),
MPid = ets:lookup_element (?MODULE, oid_machineprocid, 2),
N = ets:update_counter (?MODULE, oid_counter, 1),
bson:objectid (Now, MPid, N).
-spec oid_machineprocid () -> <<_:40>>. % IO
%@doc Fetch hostname and os pid and compress into a 5 byte id
oid_machineprocid() ->
OSPid = list_to_integer (os:getpid()),
{ok, Hostname} = inet:gethostname(),
<<MachineId:3/binary, _/binary>> = erlang:md5 (Hostname),
<<MachineId:3/binary, OSPid:16/big>>.
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