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Unable to handle binary type 2 #11

paulbjensen opened this Issue Sep 14, 2011 · 3 comments

3 participants



exception error: no case clause matching 2
    in function  bson_binary:get_binary/1

Root of StackTrace:


Looks like this is the old binary type (which should be supported):

subtype ::= "\x00"  Binary / Generic
          | "\x01"  Function
          | "\x02"  Binary (Old)
          | "\x03"  UUID
          | "\x05"  MD5
          | "\x80"  User defined

TonyGen commented Sep 14, 2011

You must have created that data using an old driver. It's easy to add the case to read (but not write) that type. I will do it in a week or so. Submit a pull-request if you want it sooner.

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