Got some problems with rebar #9

eox425 opened this Issue Aug 5, 2011 · 2 comments


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Wanted to add mongodb-erlang to rebar.config somelike this:
{mongodb-erlang, ".", {git, "", "master"}},
It throws exception about the - character... so I've tried:
{mongodb, ".
", {git, "", "master"}},
Then it stubs me with regexp error:
ERROR: Dependency dir erlstl/deps/mongodb does not satisfy version regex .*.
I am in despair... What should I do?
I think, You should add this rebar stuff to install guide in readme.


Sorry, I don't know about rebar, I just include a pull request from that included it. Please, contact him about this problem.


@eox425 the deps tuple you are looking for is as follows:

{'mongodb',    ".*",    {git, "git://", "master"}}
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