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Add mongo_replset and pool to modules list in .app file #5

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Systools requires that all modules provided by an application be present here.

Have you considered building this project and bson-erlang with Rebar? It will generate the .app file for you, including building the modules list automatically.

I am building both with Rebar locally and would be happy to send another pull request migrating to a Rebar build if you are interested.


@TonyGen TonyGen merged commit ed6f792 into from
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  1. +2 −2 ebin/
4 ebin/
@@ -1,8 +1,8 @@
{application, mongodb,
[{description, "Client interface to MongoDB, also known as the driver. See"},
{vsn, "0.0"},
- {modules, [mongodb_app, mongo, mongo_protocol, mongo_connect, mongo_query, mongo_cursor, mvar, mongodb_tests]},
+ {modules, [mongodb_app, mongo, mongo_protocol, mongo_connect, mongo_query, mongo_cursor, mvar, mongodb_tests, mongo_replset, pool]},
{registered, []},
{applications, [kernel, stdlib]},
{mod, {mongodb_app, []}}
- ]}.
+ ]}.
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