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I hate click-through trackers. This extension will circumvent click-through trackers on Twitter and maybe Facebook.

I didn't test the Facebook script very robustly because I don't use Facebook. I didn't test the extension at all on Chrome because I don't use Chrome.


Links on Twitter's web interface point to a shortened URL, but their original URLs are still present in the DOM, even though they appear truncated with an ellipsis.

An external link on Twitter with its destination URL visible in the hover title

In the current Twitter web UI, it is also in the data-expanded-url attribute.

The DOM representation of the same Twitter link, with the destionation URL in the title and data-expanded-url attributes

This lets us replace the link's href attribute on click, before the browser navigates.

Unfortunately, when a URL has a Twitter Card representation, there is no destination URL in the DOM at all, so we can't circumvent here.

On the mobile site, the page loads asynchronously in a React application, so the event listeners are set on document.body rather than the feed column (which doesn't exist a page load).


Facebook links to external pages all point to the page with the desintation URL urlencoded in a query param. On mouseover, the link's href attribute is replaced with the final URL, and the URL is placed in the data-lynx-uri attribute. Hovering over the link will display the tracker URL in the status bar the first time, but afterwards it will appear to link directly to the destination URL. On click, the href is swapped out again for the one stored in data-lynx-uri.

We can attach a listener to mousedown which outright deletes the attributes holding the tracker URL, and additionally we can remove any fbclid params from the final URL.

N.B. I don't use Facebook enough to care about how well this works. 🤷‍♀️ Also, teasing apart FB's event handlers is more work than I care to do, so there is a probability very close to 1 that FB can still click track through beacons.





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