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The Objective-C ⇆ NodeJS bridge

NodObjC exposes the Objective-C runtime to NodeJS in a high-level, easy to use fashion. It uses the BridgeSupport files to dynamically generate an API from an Objective-C "Framework" at runtime, and uses node-ffi to dynamically interact with Objective-C's runtime.

Essentially, NodObjC is similar in nature to the other popular Objetive-C scripting bridges:

So you can write Objective-C based applications entirely with Node and JavaScript! Eventually even iOS native apps as well! So what are you waiting for? Get to coding!

Note: This lib is still very much under development. It is not ready for primetime quite yet. Watch this project to follow the updates!


var $ = require('NodObjC')

// First you need to "import" the Framework

// Setup the recommended NSAutoreleasePool instance
var pool = $.NSAutoreleasePool('alloc')('init')

// NSStrings and JavaScript Strings are distinct objects, you must create an
// NSString from a JS String when an Objective-C class method requires one.
var string = $.NSString('stringWithUTF8String', 'Hello Objective-C World!')

// Print out the contents (calling [string description])
console.log('%s', string)
//   → Prints "Hello Objective-C World"

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