An object-oriented JavaScript API to develop simple, shape and sprite based games.
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Simple Game Framework

An object-oriented JavaScript framework to develop simple, shape and sprite based games

Simple Game Framework, or SGF for short, is an abstract JavaScript based API to develop, well, simple 2D shape and sprite based games. It's a "specification", if you will... The idea is that the game developer (you) writes games using one code base, written in JavaScript, and incorporating the SGF API. That code base can then be deployed to any number of SGF game engine implementations.

This repository contains the "specification" itself, not any implementation:

  • Contains the Markdown files that define the SGF "specification".
  • Contains helper scripts to generate the spec into "html" and "roff" (man) formats.
  • Contains the HTML files.
  • Contains example games written using the SGF API, that can be used to try out SGF itself, or when creating an SGF engine implementation, etc.

Game Engines

Official Implementations:


  • C or C++ Based Engine: For a pure speed solution, there could be a SGF game engine written in C++. It could use V8 to interpret game code, SDL to implement the SGF APIs, and GTK+ to use as a GUI. This would be the fastest version of an SGF game engine, by far.

  • iOS Engine: Apple allows JavaScript code to be downloaded and executed in a native app as long as it's running through a WebKit instance. The plan would be to render the game through Objective-C and OpenGL ES, and execute your game code through a WebKit instance inside a native app.

  • Android Engine: Native Android apps can also contain a WebKit instance, which would execute game code, and render to the device screen through OpenGL ES and Dalvik. In principal, the Android engine would be very similar to the iOS engine.

  • Any other platform with a JavaScript Interpreter: In theory, your game written using the SGF API is reusable anywhere that JavaScript can be implemented! That's the beauty of developing your game in an interpreted language.

Game Development

A good supply of example games ranging from really simple, to show the basics of the API, to more complex, to show off the power of JavaScript and the SGF API itself can be found in the examples folder.

An SGF game starts with a folder with a main.js file inside. main.js is the first file loaded when your game starts. That is the only requirement to create an SGF game.

Additional game resources like additional *.js files, images and sound files can be placed inside that same folder, or any number of folders inside your root game folder (the folder where main.js is located).

You can view the full Simple Game Framework API Docs to learn it all!

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