A Node.js module to easily execute arbitrary AppleScript code on Mac OS X.
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A high-level way to execute AppleScript code through Node.js, and retrieve the result as a native JavaScript object. Underneath the hood, this module is just a simple wrapper around the macOS osascript command.


AppleScripts are the only way to communicate and interact with certain external macOS processes, for example iTunes.

Easy Install

$ npm install applescript


  • Mac (or Hackintosh) running macOS (tested with High Sierra)
  • Node.js (v0.2.0 or newer)


The node-applescript module provides execString and execFile functions to easily execute AppleScript commands and buffer the output into a calback.

const applescript = require('applescript');

// Very basic AppleScript command. Returns the song name of each
// currently selected track in iTunes as an 'Array' of 'String's.
const script = 'tell application "iTunes" to get name of selection';

applescript.execString(script, (err, rtn) => {
  if (err) {
    // Something went wrong!
  if (Array.isArray(rtn)) {
    for (const songName of rtn) {

execFile works the exact same way, except you pass the path of the AppleScript (*.applescript) file as the first argument instead of the command itself, and you may pass an optional Array of String arguments to send to the applescript file.


The node-applescript module is licensed under the MIT license, of course!