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Directly invoke and serve GitWeb through NodeJS.
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Directly invoke and serve GitWeb through NodeJS.

This module uses node-cgi to invoke the gitweb.cgi perl file.


var http = require('http');
var gitweb = require('gitweb');

http.createServer( gitweb('/') ).listen(80);

That's a very simple example.

The first argument is the mountPoint. This is the HTTP url in which GitWeb will be served from. It MUST start and end with a / slash character.

It's recommended to also pass a second argument, a config Object, that can take the following parameters:

  • projectroot - The root directory where git repos will be listed from. Default: process.env.HOME.
  • homelink - The text of the link to the GitWeb root in the top-left corner of each page. Default: the value of projectroot.
  • sitename - This value will be prefixed onto the <title> on each page. Default: GitWeb powered by Node.
  • version - The version value of the internally used gitweb.cgi file. This can really just be any arbitrary String. Default: 1.7.1.
  • max_depth - The number of directories deep from projectroot that GitWeb should look for git repos. Default: 100.
  • snapshot_default - The "snapshot" links are off by default. If you would like to re-enable them, set this value to something like tgz or zip.
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