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Welcome to the "node-stream-stack" wiki!

Q: What is the StreamStack class?
A: The StreamStack class by itself isn't all the useful. However, it makes it easy to implement protocols or "filters" on top of low-level Streams, in a way that is independent on the type of underlying Stream. See the list of subclasses below, to see how StreamStack can be used when subclassed.

Known StreamStack subclasses:

  • node-http-stack - Implementation of the HTTP protocol. Can be used for both client and server.
  • node-gzip-stack - StreamStack to encode or decode Gzip data transparently.
  • node-icecast-stack - Module to easily inject or parse-out Icecast "metadata" from an otherwise normal audio stream.
  • node-modbus-stack - Implementation of the MODBUS protocol. Currently only over TCP; serial support someday.
  • node-multipart-stack - Parse HTTP or SMTP Multipart data into smaller "parts" that are Stream instances themselves!
  • node-http-unchunk-stack - Prevent an HTTP-Response from ever using chunked encoding.

If you have a subclass, add it to the list!