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"time.h" bindings for NodeJS.

This module offers simple bindings for the C time.h APIs. It also extends the regular Date object with a setTimeZone function, which isn't normally part of JavaScript.


var time = require('time');

// Create a new Date instance
var now = new Date();

// `.getDate()`, `.getDay()`, `.getHours()`, etc.
// will return values according to UTC-8

// `.getDate()`, `.getDay()`, `.getHours()`, etc.
// will return values according to UTC-5

Be sure to request any additional features by creating a GitHub Issue requesting it!


The time module itself exports some functions as well:

time() -> Number

Binding for time(3). Returns the number of seconds since Jan 1, 1900 UTC.

tzset() -> Undefined

Binding for tzset(3). Sets up the internal timezone information based on the current process.env.TZ value. This must be called after a change to the TZ environment variable.

localtime(Number) -> Object

Binding for localtime(). Accepts a Number with the number of seconds since the Epoch (i.e. the result of time()), and returns a "broken-down" Object representation of the timestamp, according the the currently configured timezone (see tzset()).

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