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install: prevent a KeyError from being thrown when PORTABLE is not set

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1 parent caf69aa commit 093be8b16bb153d18bfec752d42f8b79a8958800 @TooTallNate committed Aug 6, 2012
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@@ -154,7 +154,7 @@ def npm_files(action):
action([link_path], 'bin/npm')
elif action == install:
try_symlink('../lib/node_modules/npm/bin/npm-cli.js', link_path)
- if os.environ['PORTABLE']:
+ if os.environ.get('PORTABLE'):

bnoordhuis Aug 6, 2012

if 'PORTABLE' in os.environ:


bnoordhuis Aug 6, 2012

Guess you already landed it.


TooTallNate Aug 6, 2012


What's the difference in this case? (I'm trying to learn this Python thing as I go along ;) )


bnoordhuis Aug 6, 2012

In this case not much but the in operator is considered more pythonic, it returns a bool instead of None and works on more than just dicts.

# This crazy hack is necessary to make the shebang execute the copy
# of node relative to the same directory as the npm script. The precompiled
# binary tarballs use a prefix of "/" which gets translated to "/bin/node"

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