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Contributing to

The website is maintained by the NodeCopter core team and community. So feel free to propose any changes!

Getting Started

The describes how to run the website locally. It also describes deploying the website for those who have contributor access to the repository.

If you are thinking about organizing an event and want to put up a page for it, just email us at


A loose collection of stuff that should happen on the site:

  • Finish remaining compass pages
  • Add note about drift / testin drone flight in venues before picking them
  • Finish story page (done by @rmehner)
  • T-Shirt, Sticker, etc. shop (needs: t-shirt design / printing partner)
  • Add a blog (needs: romulus scripting support)
  • Create /people pages. Use these as partials on the event pages (needs: romulus partial support)
  • Link to compass homepage from all compass pages (needs: romulus scripting support)