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relgen express documentation


file file name or external URL (required unless s2=2)
name sender name
rep copyright holder (requires s1=2)
auth sender authority (requires s1=2)
license suggested license
s1 personal options (2 for representative)
s2 file options (2 for attached file, 3 for external files)
s3 content options (2 for release of depicted work, 3 for release of depicted work and media work)


frequently asked questions

How can I translate relgen into a different language?

Since different language editions of Wikimedia projects have different release templates and procedures there will be no translation interfaces, however, you may manually add a duplicate of index.php (named i18n/[ISO 639-1 code].php) with all texts in the language of your choice to the repository through a pull request. Please make sure the language has an ISO 639-1 code before translating and keep in mind that the tool is still very much a work in progress.