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ToonTalk Reborn for the Web

This is a project to create an improved ToonTalk in JavaScript to run in web browsers.

Try it now!

Or try it in your choice of over 100 languages!

This is a beta release tested in Chrome, FireFox, and Internet Explorer 11. A small amount of testing has been done on iPads and Android phones. See recent changes.

A paper about ToonTalk Reborn was presented at Constructionism 2014. Another paper, Integrating programming languages with web browsers (pages 141 to 149) was presented at Constructionism 2016. ToonTalk was demonstrated at the 2016 ACM Conference on Interaction Design and Children, see A Demonstration of ToonTalk where Children Build Programs by Demonstration in a Game World.

You may wish to see slides for a talk about ToonTalk Reborn. Or the slides to the new activity 1 in these slides about using ToonTalk to explore the cardinality of infinite sets

There is much more information about desktop ToonTalk but some of it is appropriate only for the desktop version.

You might want to read a collection of ideas and plans here.

Contact: (Ken Kahn)

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