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Small update, v1.0.3 no longer functioning properly.


  • fixed nonworking audio stream
  • stability improvements
  • optimizations
  • security updates
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v1.0.1 is effectively dead. This version fixes it and also improves things under the hood.

  • Updated radio URL
  • Stability and quality improvements
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Annotation 2019-06-17 024504

This update brings in the most requested feature, volume slider. Along with that automatic dark mode and general improvements.

  • Automatic dark mode
    App will automatically open dark or white. 8PM-8AM is time for some dark colors!
  • Volume slider
    Users can set specific volume now without leaving the app. This is the first iteration, second will even improve this feature.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements
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Initial Release

  • Supports Windows/macOS
  • Listen to the Q-dance Radio station in the most convenient way.
  • Always on top.
  • Automatically opens in the left top corner of the screen.
  • Now playing information like album cover, name and artist.
  • Start the playback with alt+p.
  • Quickly mute the playback with alt+m shortcut.