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List of blocked instances

(Note: This file was cloned from the corresponding tootcafe page. Changes are mainly to the list itself).

This is a list of Mastodon/GNU Social instances blocked by If you think an instance has been unfairly blocked, please open an issue and/or a pull request.

The purpose of this is to be transparent and to collaborate with other admins on identifying those instances that violate the commonly-accepted Code of Conduct in the Mastodon community based on the example set by, or those that tend to contain bad actors who do, and who boost unwanted content into other instances.

Blocked instances

Instance Status* Reason silenced lolicon** suspended Organized harassment silenced silenced silenced Safe space for Nazis and other broflakes


  • * Silenced vs suspended: silenced means they don't appear in the Federated timeline, but if someone discovers the accounts somehow (e.g. via replying to another toot) then they can follow and it will appear in their Home view.
  • ** lolicon: sexualized depictions of children

Notes on our instance

  • We don't accept hate speech.
  • We don't accept harassment.
  • We don't accept violent nationalism, National Socialism, or Kahanism.