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JSystem is a professional open-source framework for writing and managing automated system tests.
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JSystem Framework

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JSystem Release Notes

JSystem is a professional open-source framework for writing and managing automated system tests.

JSystem is a collaborative environment for all members of the QA lifecycle:

  • The automation expert: JSystem helps the test automation expert manage any type of user, JSystem has built in integration with Selenium, Autoit, and practically any API based protocols like Telnet/SSH/RS232, SNMP, XML, Tcl, etc

  • QA engineer: with JSystem the QA engineer can create and run test-scenarios without any need to see or touch code using simple drag and drop approach.

  • The testing manager: JSystem provides a central framework for the most distributed and complex testing environments, enabling central management and reporting that give a clear picture of project status.

With a unique methodology that handles automation as a structured software project, JSystem enables true scalability of the testing project - by leveraging pre-written test-scripts to create new tests. JSystem is used by many enterprise organizations like: Juniper, Nokia-Siemens, ECI, Alcatel-Lucent, Avaya Ericson and many more

The JSystem framework is comprised of the following components:

  • JSystem Services (Java API) - exposes JSystem services.
  • JSystem Drivers- Java modules used to interface with devices and applications in the system under test.
  • JSystem GUI Interface (JRunner) - GUI application interface used for creating and running test scenarios.
  • JSystem Agent - an execution engine used to run scenarios on a distributed setup.
  • JSystem Eclipse plug-in - accelerates the development environment setup and enforces JSystem conventions.
  • JSystem deploys several open source projects, two of the central open source projects are JUnit used for writing tests and Ant used as the scenario execution engine.

How to work with the project

  1. Clone the whole jsystem root folder
  2. Eclipse - import the jsystem root folder with all its projects
  3. Run maven install on the jsystem-parent project (without the tests)
  4. Run maven install on the jsystem-runner project
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