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A simple component for importing google poly models into your A-Frame projects
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Include models from Google Poly in your A-Frame projects! image

Getting Started

Google Poly is a 3D model hosting service that allows creators to upload, remix and share 3D models. You can include these models directly in your aframe projects with this component.


You will need a Google Poly API key, which can be obtained here: Google Poly API Key

Installation (Scripts)

Download the script. Include it on your page after A-Frame, and all components will be registered automatically.

<script src="aframe.min.js"></script>
<script src="aframe-google-poly-component.min.js"></script>


In your a-scene tag, include the google-poly attribute with the src: property set as your google poly api key:

<a-scene google-poly="api_key: GOOGLE_POLY_API_KEY" ></a-scene>

Once you've added your google poly api key to the scene tag, add the google-poly attribute to an entity. set the src: attribute to the id from a google poly url (example:

<a-entity google-poly="src: 7U-93vxPOER;" ></a-entity>

You can also use the wrapped component:

<a-google-poly src="7U-93vxPOER" ></a-google-poly>


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details


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