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# Scraper

_Easily fetch, slice, dice, and output HTML content from remote pages._

**Lovingly crafted by [Top Shelf Craft](**
[Michael Rog](, Proprietor

* * *

## tl;dr

**Scraper** allows you to easily fetch HTML content from any URL, create a DOM with it, select elements by CSS selector, find and manipulate DOM nodes, and save or output them using the power of Twig templates.

## Usage

Use **Scraper** to query content from remote URLs, select it by HTML and CSS selector, and output it in your Craft templates.

For example:

{% set acmeContent = craft.scraper.get("") %}
{% for widgets in acmeContent.find(".widget") %}
<div>{{ widget.innerText }}</div>
{% endfor %}


{% set google = craft.scraper.get("") %}
{% for link in google.find("a") %}
<li>{{ link.attr.href }}</li>
{% endfor% }

### What are the system requirements?

Craft 2.5+ and PHP 5.4+

### I found a bug.


### I triple-checked. It's a bug.

Well, alright. Please open a GitHub Issue, submit a PR to the `dev` branch, or just email me to let me know.

* * *

#### Contributors:

- Plugin development: [Michael Rog]( / @michaelrog
- [Simple HTML DOM]( created by S. C. Chen

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