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yet another placeholder plugin™
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HTML5 placeholder plugin, version 1.01

Copyright (c) 2010-2014, Rene Pot,

Thanks to Mike Taylor, for setting up initial version

MIT Licensed:

Enables cross-browser html5 placeholder for inputs, by first testing for a native implementation before building one. Special thanks to Ben Alman ( for suggesting a number of improvements.

The general strategy is one of adding a "position: absolute" label on top of the input element.

Known Issues

Firefox pre-filling input items causes issues. A possible workaround is to also set autocomplete=false on the input element(s) in question, if this makes user experience sense to do so (e.g. perhaps on a search box, but not the username field).



$('input[placeholder]').placeholder({ color: '#bada55' });

$('input[placeholder]').placeholder({ inheritStyle: true /*no default styles will be applied*/ });

<input type="text" placeholder="username">

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