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A widget for adding chat to your Titanium app
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A widget for adding chat to your Titanium app

This is very much a WORK IN PROGRESS. Not production ready yet. PR's welcome

Currently not fully functional yet. Features right now:

  • add messages
  • remove messages
  • adjust messages
  • chat input
  • local/remote images

This widget is being developed live on stream

Join the #Twitch channel on to get notified when going live.

How to

  • Include the code as a widget in your alloy app
  • Include the widget in an empty window
<Widget src="chat" id="chat" />
  • Add messages using the default structure

Default message structure:

  id: 1,
  message: "Hello, World!",
  me: true,
  dateTime: '2019-03-07 14:46:04',
  image: 'myImage.jpg' // !optional! Supports local blobs, local images & remote images.

dateTime needs to be parsable by momentjs, me determines wether the message is on the right or on the left (ping-pong layout)

  • add the message
  • update messages
  • remove messages

For update you can pass a stripped out message object, it only needs the to-be-updated property and the id.

For remove only the id is required.

New messages

A new message will be added if the user types it in the box. An event will trigger for this new message. It is your responsibility to submit this message to the server and update the ID of the message after submit has been succesful.

  • Add event listener
<TextField id="chatBox" onReturn="sendMessage" />

This function will get the following object:

    message {
        "dateTime": "2019-03-11T16:12:22+01:00",
        "day": 20190311,
        "id": 1552317142742,
        "me": true;
        "message": "My Message";
        "timestamp": 1552317142;
    updateId: function(oldId, newId)

Call updateId function with the generated (oldId) ID and the server generated newId. This way you can keep control over the newly created message.

If server fails to create message in chat you could always call removeMessage with oldId

Camera & Gallery Permissions

The widget will ask for permission to use the camera/select photo from gallery. This is handled through an event.

First add an event listener to the widget

<Widget src="chat" id="chat" onRequestPermission="handlePermissions" />

Add a function to your controller to ask for permission(s). Both "gallery" and "camera" permissions can be requested. Below a sample of the code.

function handlePermissions(permission) {
	if (permission.type == 'gallery') {
			if (e.success) {
	if (permission.type == 'camera') {
			if (e.success) {
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