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Get Started

As you change various settings, it is recommended you view how those changes impact your site by frequently clicking the Preview link at the top of the Joomla's administration screen.

  • Settings > General > Writing - set the options of your New/Edit Post screen
  • Settings > General > Content - set how into text and strip objects
  • Settings > General > Feed - set feed title, description, and feed types
  • Settings > General > Discussion - turn on or off comments, set how to handle them and filter out spam
  • Settings > Access Groups - set whom has uploading, creation, editing, notifications, approving and publishing rights
  • Settings > Plugins - add new or edit existing plugins
  • Settings > Install Addons - install new modules, themes, plugins or languages directly from
  • Settings > System Themes - add new or edit existing themes
  • Settings > Emails - edit built-in system emails
  • Profiles - detail the information about system authors

Presentation and Themes

Changing the look of your LyftenBloggie powered blog is possible with just a few clicks. At this point, there may be something about your chosen Theme that is bothering you, or, you really want to get your hands dirty understanding how your LyftenBloggie theme works. This simple guide will help you learn about customizing your LyftenBloggie Theme:

If you want to create a new LyftenBloggie Theme from scratch, or do major renovations, or even design LyftenBloggie Themes for public release, you will need to be familiar with HTML, XHMTL, LyftenBloggie's template markup language and CSS. The following document will get you started:

Adding Plugins

There are many add-ons for LyftenBloggie that add more capabilities, choices, and options to your LyftenBloggie site. LyftenBloggie Plugins do many things, including; list blog authors, add a calendar and extend to third-party components. For more on how to work with Plugins and where to find LyftenBloggie Plugins for your site:

Adding Menus

In order to make your LyftenBloggie accessible for your visitors, you should link them in the site menu. To do this, follow the steps below.

  1. From the admin panel, go to Menus > Main Menu.
  2. Let's add links to LyftenBloggie Front Page. For this purpose click on [New] from the top-left menu and select the item type. In our case it will be Internal link - LyftenBloggie - Front Page.
  3. Fill in the information about the links. Let's call the link "Blog". Now from the left Parameters - Basic you can select which category will be display, but for this tutorial we'll leave it on “All Categories”.
  4. Save the link by clicking on [Save] from the top-right menu.

For more help, these simple guides will teach you more about customizing your menus: