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Akarin FaceAkarin

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Akarin is a powerful server software form the 'new dimension', formerly known as Torch.

As a Paper fork, it supports almost all plugins that Spigot can use.

It has a few key goals:

  • Open Access - Make more game mechanism configurable.
  • Bedrock - Safety and stable is important for a server.
  • Fast - Simplify the logic and import the multi-thread compute.

Akarin is under heavy development yet, contribution is welcome and run a test before putting into production.

Get Akarin


Recommended Sites

Contact me via the email below or open an Issue if you want to add your website here



  • Java (JDK) 8 or above
  • Maven


./scripts/inst.sh --setup --fast

For non-modification compile, add --fast option to skip the test is recommended. Futhermore, if your machine have a insufficient memory, you may add --remote option to avoid decompile locally.

Demonstration servers

  • demo.akarin.io

Contact me via the email below or open an Issue if you want to add your server here


  • Feel free to open an Issue if you have any problem with Akarin.
  • Pull Request is welcomed, Akarin use Mixin to modify the code, you can checkout sources folder to see them. Moreover, add your name to the LICENSE if you want to publish your code under the MIT License.
  • If you want to join the Akarin-project team, you can send an email to kira@kira.moe with your experience and necessary information. Besides, welcome to join our Discord to chat.
  • Note that you must --setup at least once to deploy necessary dependency otherwise some imports cannot be organized.

Akarin project