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A simple org.freedesktop.Notification listener.
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notin' is a small notifications D-BUS listener implementing the org.fredesktop.Notifications protocol.

notin' simply listens for any notifications, and outputs them to stdout. It's meant as a simple companion for an XMonad or similar tiling window manager, redirecting its output to dzen, as a small and unobtrusive notifications bar.

Testing notin'

Just call python, and cause a notification to happen: Flip a song on Amarok, get a message from Kopete, or call notify-send foo, and you'll see your message appear on notin's output.

Using notin'

Notin's meant to be used with a dzen window: just pipe its output through:

python | dzen2

Your notifications will appear on your dzen bar. Note the -u: Without it, Python will buffer stdout, and you won't get updates on time!

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