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Swiss Tournament Pairings

This repo holds a Vagrant VM running Python and PostgresQL to run a simple Swiss Tournament Pairings program.


After launching the VM (vagrant up), you can view the files in the following directory:

+ /
|--+ vagrant/
   |--+ tournament/
      |--+ tournament.sql


To run the tests:

python /vagrant/tournament/

which has this output:

vagrant@vagrant-ubuntu-trusty-32:~$ python /vagrant/tournament/
0. Cursor connection works.
1. Old matches can be deleted.
2. Player records can be deleted.
3. After deleting, countPlayers() returns zero.
4. After registering a player, countPlayers() returns 1.
5. Players can be registered and deleted.
6. Newly registered players appear in the standings with no matches.
7. After a match, players have updated standings.
8. After one match, players with one win are paired.
9. Odd number of players works too!
Success!  All tests pass!