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The library


This script library demonstrates the potential in the NetCurl project, that was initially created to simply scrape open proxies. As it seems, it can do much more than that. This library neither contains anything that circumvents any licensing and is used exclusively to show how to merge segmented content into one file.

The project itself started as an experiment, so it might want to be rewritten as the number of parameters in, from console has grown since the start.


Since bitbucket server is about to end its support, my intentions is to leave bitbucket server for github. However, all projects I am working with resides there, still as a main version of the content put at github. Not far from now, I have intentions to change that, so Bitbucket will be considered a backup only.

So: This repository is mirrored at


The main netcurl repository is still located at However, all new releases to packagist are pointing at to make sure it is always available for download. The plan is, as all other projects, to migrate as much as possible to github before the Atlassian server EOL.

The documentation of the netcurl project is currently located at at


This is a very simple way of just downloading data top down from a file. However, some manifests includes multiple content, which forces us to put and merge files into multiple content. This is a backside when you for example using a playlist based on the m3u format. Many years from now, m3u playlists was written as a local playlist for mp3 files. But for m3u8 files it has been a common way to stream for example movies - as the wikipedia also states.

It has been tested and is still confirmed to work. However, it is not tested over many sites, so if it doesn't work for you, it is probably because it is not adaptive enough.

The project is used as an educational example of how to simplify manual downloads of a playlist. It has been created after several discussions on various forums where suggestions are either splitted up on multiple discussion threads, or examples are not available at all. The idea of this project came up when I realized that I have my own library that actually handles network communication and uses best available network driver to solve the problem. There are no data protection circumventions in this project.

The project example is in a single part based on the m3u format, if content based on m3u in the playlist are are discovered (the DISCONTINUITY field that separates more file segments). However, it is used to show how the netcurl library works, where you don't have to think about setting up the driver yourself, at all.


There was an initial idea around to run curl through a script like this:

curl -s <url> >manifest.file
cat -s manifest.file |grep -v ^#| awk '{system("curl -sS <extraUrlData>"$1 " >>merge.file")}'    

This is actually the easiest way of just downloading data. However, playlists may contain multiple content that has to be split up into own files and this is where the journey began.


Well, first of all - add a composer script containing the library itself. Make sure it is always upgraded.

    "require": {
        "tornevall/tornelib-php-netcurl": "^6.1"

In this sample project, all dependencies already exists, so that you can use "composer install" instantly. There is also an example present, on how the netcurl library is used as a downloader class, but basically you could either use the curl wrapper or the auto selective wrapper. In this example, the auto selective wrapper is chosen since curl may not be the standard library on a system (note: if curl is not present, the driver will fall back on the streams wrapper in PHP and use a binary safe method to download).


You should start with the download.php file in the root path and follow the method calls, to see how it is built. I call this "reverse engineering". You are however not alone. Netcurl comes with a documentation at You could also build, and adapt it for your own needs, by yourself with your only bare hands as a tool - by calling the Wrappers, or do something like this:

require_once(__DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php');
$download = new Playlist\Download();
$download->setStoreDestination(__DIR__ . '/tmp');


Example of how to download segments from a single m3u8 playlist with the netcurl project. This project does not decode anything, just showing an example on how to utilize netcurl.






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