A cross between a tower defense and arcade game
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Arcis is the first large scale Android project that I have developed. This was written during the summer before my Sophomore year of college.


The design goals were to learn how to build scalable games as well as basic artificial intelligence. I wanted to teach myself how to build a larger engine and use it as a platform for a game. The input libraries and button objects that I used in game are all custom canvas elements that I designed. I also revered the A* algorithm to search outward from the center tower in the game.


After designing the initial draft I used Reddit for beta testing. I ran multiple stages of beta and tested on a variety of hardward. The first round of beta testing caused me to redesign the entire tutorial system based on some limitations in virtual memory that existed on Motorola phones at the time.

###Some Features

The game features a few different control schemes (there was a huge request for touch based aiming on Google Play, but the system never felt right so I pulled it) as well as a variety of "smart" enemy types. The game scales as you play and the enemies slowly change behavior.


Grab it on Google Play


All Rights Reserved © Nathan Tornquist 2012