An action packed arcade game of survival.
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Burrow is an attempt to rapidly build a "Flappy-Bird" like game in a short period of time. I gave myself one weekend when I had little homework to build a complete game. I took the base libraries that I developed for Arcis and completely rewrote them. With that system in place I was quickly able to product a full game that was both visually appealing and had a balanced and enjoyable feel to it.


  1. Scaling Viewport (with letterboxing)
    • Arcis used a view that simply stretched to meet the screen size. I wanted to create something that would letter box and display better.
  2. Updated Input System --> Redesigned Touch Event Methods
  3. Improved Button Objects
  4. Rapid Development (1 day)
  5. Fun. --> I wanted to design something with a much smaller learning curve. Arcis' curve is huge.


Unlike Arcis, this was a much much smaller project. I tested locally and on the phones of two or three friends before deploying. I was immediately notified via Google Play of another error and was able to quickly correct it


Grab it on Google Play


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