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Time is a time tracking application designed around flexible organization of how time is tracked and easy reporting on where time was spent.

This application was built in response to an analysis I did in 2017 using data recorded in a contractor-focused time tracker and is largely a correction from concerns that I had with how that software organized and stored data.



Highlighted Features

  • Flexible data organization
    • Categories used to track time entries have no max or minimum depth
    • Everything can be nested, or rearranged at will
  • Fast analytics based around aggregate time
    • Default view shows total time per category today, and this week
    • Historical data can be viewed by day, week, month and year
    • Grouped category trees or singular leaf nodes can both be graphed
    • Handles DST and entries that wrap day boundaries well
  • iOS Widgets
    • A live timer shows today and this week's time on the homescreen
  • Timezone support
    • All time entries are recorded in the user's current locale by default
    • No locks between start and end timezone -- all can be edited
    • Reporting based around the timezone as perceived as well as any reference timezone
  • Simplicity
    • Import/export everything with wizards
    • Analytics and category organization are both 1st class features
    • Single click to any feature
    • Edit everything

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