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Additive Combinatorics

A compilation of useful functions and tools based on this additive combinatorics book.

To use this project, download a binary for your system from the releases page. Use the executable from the command line. A helpful place to start is ./addcomb.exe compute --help:

addcomb-compute 0.2
Matt Torrence <>
Compute the value of a combinatoric function found in the notation section of the book

    addcomb compute [FLAGS] --args <VALUES> --function <F_NAME>

    -h, --help          Prints help information
    -i, --interval      Use [a, b]A instead of hA in the sumset (allowed with other flags)
    -r, --restricted    Restrict the coefficients to |lambda| = 1 in the sumset
    -s, --signed        Allow positive and negative values in the sumset
    -V, --version       Prints version information
    -v, --verbose       Print out extra information other than the result, if available for the chosen function

    -a, --args <VALUES>        Comma-seperated values of the function to compute (Example: 20,10,[0,2] or 20,10,3)
    -f, --function <F_NAME>    The function to compute. Supported functions (with an interval replacing h, where
                            applicable): nu(n, m, h); phi(n, h); sigma(n, h); rho(n, m, h); chi(n, h); tau(n, h);
                            mu(n, k, l)

If you want to build this yourself, it's very easy. Install rust & cargo on your system. In the command line, traverse to the directory of this project, then use cargo build --release to build the project. Then, a binary should appear in ./target/release/, which you can run.

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