This is a testbed for some web assembly experiments
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TweetNacl in WebAssembly

Work in Progress

This is a handwritten port of the crypto library TweetNacl to WebAssembly. This is the fastest library for end-to-end encryption running in the browser. It provides state of the art strong cryptography.

It provides the following features:

  • Secret-key authenticated encryption
    • implements XSalsa20, Poly1305
  • Public-key authenticatd encryption
    • implements X25519, XSalsa20, Poly1305
  • Public-key signatures
    • implements Ed25519
  • Hashing
    • implements SHA512

The WebAssembly source code is to be found in the directory src/wat/*.

  • edit the Web Assembly code in src/wat/*
  • run npm run build to build the JavaScript file dist/wasmCode.js
  • open index.html in the browser in order to run dist/wasmCode.js