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The Voynich Manuscript is a mysterious medieval manuscript. It contains a text in an unknown script. Since its discovery in 1912 the manuscript has attracted the attention of numerous researchers. So far, however, nobody has been able to reveal the secret of the unknown script.

This is the source code for the app VoynichTextGenerator. The app is available via iTunes:


The purpose of this app is to illustrate my hypothesis about the Voynich Manuscript. The app generates pseudo text with features similar to that of the Voynich Manuscript.


The app also allows to search for similarities within the text of the Voynich Manuscript.


The app illustrates a hypothesis about the way the text of the Voynich manuscript was created. After the "self-citation hypothesis" the scribe was generating the text by copying words already written. The self-citation hypothesis is explained in detail in the following two papers:

How the Voynich Manuscript was created

This paper studies the relation between similarly spelled words in the Voynich manuscript. By means of a detailed analysis of similar spelled words it was possible to reveal the text generation method used for the Voynich manuscript.

Co-Occurrence Patterns in the Voynich Manuscript

This paper studies the distribution of similarly spelled words in the Voynich Manuscript. It shows that the distribution of words within the manuscript is not compatible with natural languages.

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