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Player for your DRM-free audiobooks
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BookPlayer - A wonderful player for your M4B/M4A/MP3 based audiobooks.

Download on the App Store

Four screenshots of BookPlayer on the iPhone X. Showing Player, Import options, the Library and, a playlist

Please visit our Wiki for our FAQ and guides on how to add new themes and icons to the app.



  • Using AirDrop from your Mac or iOS device
  • From Files and other apps on your device
  • Via File Sharing in iTunes on your Mac or PC
  • Zip archives are supported and can be turned into playlists automatically


  • Maintain and see progress of your books
  • Mark books as finished
  • Drag & Drop to sort your library
  • Create playlists
    • Automatically play items in turn
    • Play the first unfinished file by tapping on the playlist artwork
    • Move files to playlists from the library or import them directly


  • Control audio playback from the lock screen or the control center
  • Play and navigate books with Chapters
  • Jump to start of the current book
  • Change playback speed
  • Smart rewind
  • Volume Boost
  • Support for remote events from headset buttons and the lock screen
  • Sleep timer with adjustable duration
  • Support for VoiceOver
  • Dark mode for night owls

BookPlayer Plus

  • Support Open Source development
  • Additional color themes
  • Select from alternative App Icons

Upcoming features

See our Roadmap on GitHub for details.

Supported locales & Languages

Help us to translate BookPlayer.


Pull requests and ideas are always welcomed. Please open an issue if you have any suggestions or found a bug. 👍 See our Contribution Guidelines for details.

If you enjoy BookPlayer, we would be glad if you consider writing a review on the App Store.



A full list of all contributors can be found on GitHub.


Localization generously sponsored by Lokalise, the best platform for adding lodalization to your applications

If you want to help translating BookPlayer into your own language, send as an email at so we can invite you to Lokalise.


Managed with Carthage

Managed with Homebrew


Licensed under GNU GPL v. 3.0. See LICENSE for details.

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