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Add information about Lokalise and translating BookPlayer

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@@ -17,6 +17,7 @@ Please visit our [Wiki]( for our
- Using [AirDrop]( from your Mac or iOS device
- From [Files]( and other apps on your device
- Via [File Sharing]( in iTunes on your Mac or PC
- Zip archives are supported and can be turned into playlists automatically

### Manage

@@ -39,12 +40,28 @@ Please visit our [Wiki]( for our
- Support for remote events from headset buttons and the lock screen
- Sleep timer with adjustable duration
- Support for VoiceOver
- Dark mode for night owls

### BookPlayer Plus

- Support Open Source development
- Additional color themes
- Select from alternative App Icons

### Upcoming features

See [our Roadmap on GitHub]( for details
See [our Roadmap on GitHub]( for details.

### Supported locales & Languages

- English
- Czech (Petr Kabrna)
- German ([@pichfl](
- Russian ([@Nibelungc]( & [@carcade](
- Spanish ([@GianniCarlo](
- Swedish ([@hypeitinc](

Help us to [translate BookPlayer](#localisation).

## Contributing

@@ -68,7 +85,11 @@ If you enjoy BookPlayer, we would be glad if you consider writing a review on th

A full list of all contributors can be found [on GitHub.](

### Localisation

[![Localization generously sponsored by Lokalise, the best platform for adding lodalization to your applications](./.github/lokalise@2x.png)](

If you want to help translating BookPlayer into your own language, send as an email at so we can invite you to Lokalise.

## Dependencies

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