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regista (In progress)

  • Suppress warnings in dixoncoles caused by insufficent bounds on parameter estimates (see #1 and #23)
  • Normalise attack parameters during fitting (see #1)

regista 0.4.0

  • S3 methods for broom::tidy and broom::augment
  • Standardise predict.dixoncoles to always return a list of tibble::tibbles no matter the type.

regista 0.3.1

  • Allow dixoncoles predictions on data without home/away goal columns

regista 0.3.0

  • Change dixoncoles API to use unquoted variable names.
  • Allow outcome probabilities to be predicted directly
  • Return tibbles over data.frames where appropriate

regista 0.2.0 and below

  • dixoncoles and dixoncoles_ext function for estimating team strengths.
  • print and predict methods for dixoncoles models.
  • factor_teams helper function.
  • scorelines_to_outcomes helper function to easily calculate home/draw/win probabilities.
  • time-discounting functions as in the original Dixon-Coles paper.
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