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Hi there!

Thanks for helping out with The Web Toolbox.

If you're making a change to the tool or its data, please check below to see if there's anything special you should take in to consideration when making or submitting your changes.

Adding a new tool

Please make sure your tool checks all of the below criteria:

  • Ideally you shouldn't need to sign up to use the tool but, if this is required, it must have a free tier available.
  • Add a short but useful description and image - help others find out what the tool is at a glance!
  • Images must be sized 300x180, and please compress them (I'm sure you can find a tool available 😉)

Once you're sure your tool passes the above reqiurements please edit the tools file, add your image and open a pull request.

If you're not comfortable editing the files yourself, just open a pull request with the tool URL and name and someone will sort it for you.

Adding features or fixing typos

Please keep code tidy and commented, so others can understand what you're doing!

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