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SmileBasic KEY: 'RDVNV3AJ' Attempting to hook into SmileBasic via Rosalina menus. Ram read/write, networking, debug, create SmileBasic Ram-based Network Stack. SmileNet 2.0 is GO
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Noob-proof (N)3DS "Custom Firmware"

What it is

Luma3DS is a program to patch the system software of (New) Nintendo 3DS handheld consoles "on the fly", adding features (such as per-game language settings and debugging capabilities for developers) and removing restrictions enforced by Nintendo (such as the region lock). It also allows you to run unauthorized ("homebrew") content by removing signature checks.
To use it, you will need a console capable of running homebrew software on the ARM9 processor. We recommend Plailect's guide for details on how to get your system ready.

Since Luma3DS v8.0, Luma3DS has its own in-game menu, triggerable by L+Down+Select (see the release notes).


First you need to clone the repository: To clone the original use git clone and to clone this source use: git clone (I don't know if that will work or not) Little disclaimer here: I have not modified the original license files or credit and all contents included in this repository have the same license applied to them that all of the original source's contents did. I don't take credit for the sources this is built on, it is just a derivative work in progress built using those sources. Please give credit where it is due to the original creators of these sources, the files I've commited will simply be for plugging into Rosalina as a hook and reading/writing to SmileBasic's Ram as well as sending socket out and taking socket in, and doing memory searches on SmileBasic's memory locations for unknown linear ram to map it for SmileNet 2.0's network stack. Enjoy~

To compile, you'll need armips and a build of a recent commit of makerom added to your PATH. You'll also need to install firmtool, its README contains installation instructions. For now, you'll also need to update your libctru install, building from the latest commit.
For your convenience, here are Windows and Linux builds of armips (thanks to who compiled them!) and makerom (thanks @Steveice10!).
Finally just run make and everything should work!
You can find the compiled files in the out folder.

Setup / Usage / Features





This software is licensed under the terms of the GPLv3.
You can find a copy of the license in the LICENSE.txt file.

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