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Total RP 3

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Are you having an issue with Total RP 3? Check the F.A.Q and our troubleshooting page!

“I recently switched over to Total RP 3 and it is so much better! […] Total RP 3 is probably the best [roleplay add-on] that I found.” — Anne Stickney @Shadesogrey, in Blizzard Watch — Episode 95 Senior Editor and Lore Columnist for the Blizzard Watch website

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Total RP 3 aims to be the best way to customize, describe and drive your role-play interactions by combining powerful customization features with a clean and accessible user interface. With Total RP 3, you can fully customize all the characteristics of your characters and companions (pets, battle pets, mounts), like the name, the description or even attach an image to represent them.

Our goal is to bring the simplicity and user-friendliness of add-ons like MyRolePlay but without sacrificing your freedom when defining your roleplay characters, while still adding neat features that you'll never want to live without.

Total RP 3 can work alongside other roleplay addons like MyRolePlay and XRP, allowing for a truly seamless roleplaying experience regardless of which addon others may choose.

Total RP 3 is also a fully modular add-on. You choose exactly which features you want to use so you won't have to navigate through a complex user interface if you don't want to.

Main features

  • You can customize your characters and companions (battle pets, pets, and mounts) with a powerful profile system allowing you to quickly switch between your different profiles.
  • Keep track of all the characters and companions you met with the directory, a repository of profiles you have encountered.
  • Find other Total RP 3 users on the world map to see where people tend to gather. You can choose to hide yourself from the map, or to only show yourself while you're in-character.
  • A customizable target frame containing useful interactions for your roleplay target, like opening their profile, playing their theme song, or altering your relationship with that character.
  • Chat customizations like OOC and emote chat coloring as well as full role-play names using custom colors in the chat. (Details on Chat Formatting)
  • NPC speech to mimic NPC chat, whispers, yells and emotes.
  • Total RP 3 can communicate with MyRolePlay, XRP and most other roleplaying add-ons so you can see and read through other players' profiles, even if they are using a different roleplaying add-on.
  • A customizable toolbar with useful actions like switching from one profile to another, switching from IC to OOC, from AFK to DND, switching languages, and more!
  • Import your existing profiles from Total RP 2, MyRolePlay or XRP. (Tutorial)
  • Mature profile filtering to warn you before opening profiles that may contain mature content.

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Total RP 3 modules spotlight

Total RP 3: Extended, by Kajisensei & Ellypse

This awesome module brings the new creation system. Create items, readable documents, campaigns with quests, customized NPCs and dialogs, loots. Use the inventory system to show items you are wearing and inspect other players' inventory. Create stashes that other players will be able to inspect. Trade items with other players safely thanks to our security level system that allows you to define authorizations per item and be sure you won't suddenly shout weird stuff because of a cursed item!

Adds a simple button to the toolbar to toggle on and off the map scan location feature.

Total RP 3: Unit Frames, by keyboardturner

This module modifies Blizzard player and target frames to use RP name and color, and add a button to open profile.

Total RP 3 for add-on developers

Want to integrate your addon with Total RP 3, or create your own module? Check out the wiki for a look into TRP3's public API, and a look into how Total RP 3 works.