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Changelog version 1.6.0

Personal notes

You can now write personal notes inside the addon !

These notes can either be written on your own profile (if you wish to take generic notes for your character), or on someone else's profile (the top field being tied to your current profile, the bottom field being common to all your profiles). These notes are obviously private, nobody else but you can see them.

The new personal notes tab

To access personal notes, simply click on the new Notes button on the target frame, or open a profile and click on the Notes tab.

The target frame button to access notes

The register also received a checkbox to only display profiles on which you wrote notes.

The register new notes filter checkbox


  • Added HTML support for About templates 2 and 3. You can now use the full array of HTML tags while using those templates to format their fields, using the toolbar which is now visible for all templates.

A template 2 profile using HTML

  • Added compatibility with other RP addons for personality traits and HTML tags.


  • The "Report profile" buttons will now both link to the support website, as the in-game report feature previously added was an invalid method to report addon abuse. The popup will still show a timestamp for the profile's reception, which you can provide to Blizzard CS to help them track the offense.


  • Fixed an error which could prevent the addon from loading.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue for template 3 if the addon locale was not English.


  • Removed auto-highlighting of the full text when entering focus of a text area (About fields, Currently, OOC Info...)
  • Removed April Fools' code (including the forgotten rainbow companion names).
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