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How to use Code Analysis build / release tasks

Follow the below steps to upload this task to your account:

  • Download the tasks repo as [zip file] or clone it using git:
  • Extract the zip file of the desired task
  • Open command prompt and navigate to the folder that contains a json and powershell files.

Install / Upload Custom Task

*Follow instructions on how to upload the task using - https://github.com/TotalALM/VSO-Tasks

How to use

  • Add a new task and select Code Analysis.


Field Information Required
Rule Set Built-in rule sets. Yes
Build Directory Directory which your (exe's/dll's) reside in. Example: $(build.sourcesDirectory)\Demo\Example\bin Yes
File's Comma-Delimitied file names to run code analysis on. Example: Example.dll, Example.Data.dll Yes
Output File Output file for the results to be written too. By default the output is written using FxCopReport.xsl. Example: $(build.sourcesDirectory)\Demo\Example\bin\codeanalysisresult.html Yes
Include Summary Display's summary after analysis. The summary shows the number of items found, how many items were new, and the running time for the analysis. *
Verbose (Advanced) Provides verbose output during analysis *
Rule Set Directory (Advanced) Provides a way to specify a alternative rule set directory. No
XSL Template (Advanced) By Default the output file is written using FxCopReport.xsl. Use this field to specify a alternative xsl file. No
FxCop Executable Path (Advanced) By Default the this task will look for the static code analysis under C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0 and C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0. Use this field to specify a alternative FxCop location. No




Example Report (HTML)