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How to use Tokenization build / release tasks

Install from the Marketplace

Marketplace - https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=TotalALM.totalalm-tokenization


Follow the below steps to upload this task to your account:

  • Download the tasks repo as [zip file] or clone it using git:
  • Extract the zip file of the desired task
  • Open command prompt and navigate to the folder that contains a json and powershell files.

Install / Upload Custom Task

*Follow instructions on how to upload the task using - https://github.com/TotalALM/VSO-Tasks

How to use

  • Add a new task and select Tokenization.



Field Information Required
Source Path "Source path to start looking recursively for the TargetFileName that contains the tokens (). These patterns will be replaced with user-defined variables. Yes
Target Filenames The target filenames (comma-delimited) that have tokens replaced by user-defined variables. Wild card searching is support. Example: Web.config or *.config or Settings.xml, *.config Yes
Recursive Search Recursively Search through all folders in the Source Path Yes
Token Placeholder Start The token place holder at the front of the variable name. [] Yes
Token Placeholder End The token place holder at the end of the variable name. [] Yes


  • Add your environment variables


  • If your Web.config has a value 'Environment' you would only enter the 'Environment' leaving out the '__' at the beginning and end.


  • Simply check the lock if you wish to encrypt the value. Decryption will happen automatically and requires no extra effort.