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Mathematics Enrichment

This curriculum covers in detail Logic, Probability, Geometry, Sequences, and Number Theory. Most of it was developed for the Grand River Chinese School interest course in mathematics, at the Grade 4 level, but some of the content is appropriate for a more advanced audience, as I have since been moved to teach the Grade 7/8 level.


All of the LaTeX files are intended to be compiled with LuaLaTeX, and I can’t guarantee that they will successfully compile with other LaTeX compilers.

Highlighted Subjects

Number Theory (Grade 4)

This subject covers parity, divisibility, primes, factorization, the GCD, and an introduction to modular arithmetic. It is considered complete, with lesson, homeworks, answers, and quizzes.

I’m not currently updating this topic as I have since moved to teaching the grade 7/8 class.

Discrete Mathematics (Grade 7/8)

This subject covers an introduction to mathematical objects, especially functions, and an introduction to probability. It is the latest subject I’ve taught and hence currently quite short and unorganized and currently rough around the edges.

Algebra (Grade 7/8)

This subject is ported over from high school math content, and contains an introduction to algebraic ideas, even beyond those taught in Ontario secondary schools. The worksheets are still targeted toward high school students and are being revised for the grade 7/8 audience. Unlike the other subjects, the lesson plan for this subject is online.

Incomplete Subjects

Problem Solving (Grade 4)

This subject contains a single lesson introducing the entire curriculum. No expansion is planned.

Measurement (Grade 4)

This subject covers angles, polygons, and area. I have taught the subject to Grade 4 students in the past, but the lesson plan is incomplete.

Sequences (Grade 4)

This subject covers arithmetic, geometric, and Fibonacci sequences. It is mostly complete but somewhat rough on the edges.

Games (Grade 4)

This subject currently contains a single fun homework sheet on verbal arithmetic.


Olympic Math curriculum for various grades







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