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Procedural Star System Generator
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Procedural Star System Generator

The goal of the PSSG project is to generate scientifically plausible star systems for use with hard science fiction. This project is divided into many phases, representing various levels of feature maturity as it is developed.

Phase 1: Main-sequence Star Generation [Complete]
The initial phase of the development of this program will focus exclusively on the generation of plausible main-sequence stars.

Phase 2: Giant/Remnant Generation
Giants and stellar remnants are derived via the application of time to main-sequence stars. The second phase will focus on the ramifications of such, including planetary nebulae and supernovae.

Compilation instructions:

First, run `git submodule init` and `git submodule update` if you haven't already.
Then run one of the following:
`./` - ordinary build, nothing to see here
`./ -g` - if you think you fucked something up and want to use gdb/valgrind


Many of the formulae used in Phase 1 are derived from the paper `Semi-analytical formulas for the Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram`, accessed at
Other articles of note include the Wikipedia entries on stellar classification and the mass-luminosity relation.
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