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Blackmarket - incremental-game

Another simple incremental-game, about selling drugs. You start with only a gun, and you have to build a drug empire to become trillionnaire. Blackmarket was my first really big project about in HTML/CSS/JS. It has been totally re-done : scripts and interface. Blackmarket has reach its official release, take a look now!

Universe-Builder - link to github repo

The new project I'm currently working on.


Idle-Quester is a web version of the original app/game Idle-Quest for Android. This was only made in few hours, so maybe you can expect it be 'slightly' buggy.


I wanted to make a fun and small project to use an API, and since /r/incremental_games is my favourite subreddit, I made an alternative website to browse it, and looks pretty nice!

Money-Life (old)

My very first small project to learn JS, it's just an Adventure Capitalist clone.


My second project in JS, where I wanted to focus more on design using Bootstrap and some free themes.


One of my latest projects, and will always stay as a prototype.