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Issue with Windows 7 #17

orphee2633 opened this Issue Dec 28, 2013 · 2 comments

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Apparently when you use the plugin in Windows with Netbeans enviroment i get an exception like following ''Can't obtain the input stream from /docProps/app.xml'' i tried out in Ubuntu and Mac and get no error

Hope you can fix this.


Please provide a full stack-trace.
Does it work with plain grails (grails test-app, grails run-app), without Netbeans involved? Do you get this exception in Netbeans while building/runnning?

Can you submit a not-passing test for this case? I do not have a working environment under Windows, but will try to reproduce it, if you can provide a test that fails.

Can you also verify that the tests from this plugin work for you? Just clone this repo and run grails test-app.
If it works (build successful), clone and run grails test-app from there. Let me know what the outcomes are.

This could be a bug, but it looks more like a simple problem with your environment setup.


Ok, since you didn't answer in 4 months, I cannot do much. I assume it works on your environment. Closing the ticket.

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